Firewall Installers

This is for new installations only. If you already have an active Sophos Firewall, SFM, or iView instance and want to get the latest firmware update, you can either do that within the device management console or by visiting the View Devices page to download it here.

You can find Release Notes in our Up2Date Blog.

WARNING: Installing any of these on an existing device instance will wipe all data and settings to factory defaults.

TRIALS: If you are looking to trial a product, you will need to visit the trial page to register for a trial serial number.

To download an installer, select the desired product, platform, and then click download. You will need a Serial Number to activate and register your install. Serial numbers for virtual and software appliances are provided via your license schedule as part of your order. Serial numbers for hardware appliances are embedded in the hardware.

Sophos Firewall OS

Sophos Firewall OS (SF-OS) is the operating system for the Sophos XG Firewall. It’s available for multiple platforms including hardware appliances, virtual environments and as a software ISO to install on Intel x86 hardware of your choice. 

Hardware Installers: Firewall OS for XG and XGS Series
Size:1.1 GB
Virtual Installers: Firewall OS for VMware
Size:417.8 MB
Virtual Installers: Firewall OS for Hyper-V
Size:417.2 MB
Virtual Installers: Firewall OS for KVM
Size:416.9 MB
Virtual Installers: Firewall OS for Citrix XenApp
Size:417.4 MB
Software Installers: Firewall OS Software ISO for Intel Hardware
Size:599 MB
GPL source: Firewall OS GPL source ISO
Size:2.0 GB

RED Firmware

GPL source: RED Firmware GPL source
Size:891 MB

Wireless Firmware

APX Firmware GPL source
Size:1.0 GB
AP Firmware GPL source
Size:392 MB