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由科研人员与行业领军企业共同组成,联合全国和上海室内装饰行业协会共同设立的研究机构,以居住方式、居住装饰艺术、环境设计、居住创意文化、城市发展与文化等为主要研究 方向,建成具有一定规模的产学研基地。 研究所形成四大研究板块: 特色小镇与民宿研究。探究新型特色小镇与民宿旅游开发的模 式,从小镇及村落历史、文化、生活方式到现代化新型旅游产品的策划、设计以及周边产品开发,以系统设计的理念全方位 探讨既有小镇与村落的改造及开发。 城市环境改造研究。从建筑、微环境改造的视角整合各专业学科,以跨界创新空间,带动城市产业发展研究。 城市居住空间研究。结合荣欣、上海室内装饰行业协会开展居 住空间的趋势研究、智能化居住空间研究、产品化居住空间研 究、居住空间软装饰研究、居住空间与城市生活文化研究。 城市象征文化研究。以象征文化、设计符号学为学科基础,整合哲学、艺术学、心理学、建筑学、符号学等学科,开展跨学科研究,主要对象为城市纪念性建筑及设施研究、中国环境符号文化研究。

The institute is composed of scientific research personnel together with the industry leader, joint national and Shanghai interior decoration industry association jointly set up institutions, by way of living, residential decorative arts, environmental design, creative culture, urban devel- opment and culture as the main research direction, and built a certain scale of production base.

The institute formed four research sections:

Featured town and home stay research. Explore new characteristic town tourism development model with the home stay facility, from the town and village history, culture, way of life to the modernized new tourism prod- uct planning, design, and surrounding product develop- ment, on the concept of system design to comprehen- sive explore the reform and development of both the town and village.

Research on urban environmental transformation. From the perspective of architectural and micro-environmen- tal transformation, the research of urban industrial development is brought forward by integrating the disciplines of various disciplines.

Study on urban living space. Combining rongxin, Shang- hai interior decoration industry associations to carry out the trend of living space, intelligent living space, the transition of living space, soft adornment of living space, living space and urban life culture research.

Urban symbol culture research. Based on the subject of symbol design culture, semiotics, integrating philosophy, art, psychology, architecture, semiotics and other disciplines, to conduct interdisciplinary research, the main object for the study of the city memorial buildings and facilities, the Chinese environment symbol culture research.