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研究所分别形成面向区域、面向行业、面向技术三个领域的科研板块. 面向区域产业发展,形成四大研究内容:产学研用合作服务、 “设计立县”理论研究、文创产品开发、长三角工业设计服务。 面向行业的设计服务研究和推动,形成以工业设计为核心,为六大产业、创新创业提供全面服务,展现设计对区域发展的核 心价值。研究所主要服务装备制造、节能环保、智能硬件、文化创意、智慧出行、消费品六大产业;通过设计服务-项目孵化、联合研发-融合孵化、创新驱动-企业孵化三个层级的服务模式和设计研究、工业设计、服务设计、景观规划、品牌管理、交互设计六大服务体系,为新技术、新模式、新业态、新产业的四新经济发展提供系统支撑。

The institute has formed a research section in three areas: oriented to the region, facing the industry and facing the technology.

For the development of regional industries, four research contents are formed: cooperation service for production and research, theoretical research of "designing county", product development and design service of Yangtze river delta.

The research and promotion of industry-oriented design services, forming the core of industrial design, provide comprehensive services for the six industries and innova- tion and entrepreneurship, and show the core value of design for regional development. The main service equip- ment manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligent hardware, cultural creativity, intelli- gent travel, and consumer products; Through the design services - project incubation, hatching, joint research and development - fusion innovation drive - enterprise incuba- tion three levels of service pattern and design research, industrial design, service design, landscape planning, brand management, interaction design six service system, for the new technology, new mode and new forms, new industry of four new economic development to provide system support.