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学院围绕全方位培养设计人才的核心理念,紧跟国家产业转 型与升级,为学生搭建了一系列的课外实践平台,通过开展 第二课堂的形式,在线上线下分别开展与专业紧密结合的教 学实践。线下实践活动与专业无缝对接,通过建设生态营造 社、摄影社、魔方社等学生社团,打造创意节、传统文化进 校园等品牌活动,发挥第二课堂育人的功效。线上新媒体平 台助力学生培养,基于“华理艺设”微信公众号,开设学 艺、创艺、艺源店等板块,利用新媒体,构建育人新阵地。 学校先后建立了四个专项基地:USRP创新实验基地、上海创意 产业人才培训基地、教学科研互动基地、全国动漫游戏产业 振兴基地、学院为每个学生配备了专用教室和画室,以及高 配置的专业机房。

Around the all-round training of the core concept of design talent the college, followed by national industrial restructuring and upgrading, built a series of extra-cur- ricular practice platform, through the second classroom form, online and offline were closely integrated with the professional teaching practice The Line practice and professional seamless docking, through the construction of ecological construction agency, photography, Cube Club and other student associations, to create creative festival, traditional culture into the campus and other brand activities, play the effectiveness of the second classroom education. Online new media platform to help students develop, based on "Hua Li Yi She" WeChat public number, set up learning, creativity, Yiyuan shop and other plates, the use of new media. The college build four bases:USRP innovative experimental base、 Shanghai creative industry talent training base、Teach- ing and research interactive base、The National Cartoon and Game Industrial Promotion Base.Every class has its special classroom, painting studio and highly configured computer room.